Pastor Dan

Pastor Dan Courtney
Lead Pastor
Adult Ministry Team

Welcome to our web site!  I hope you find the information you are looking for, but let me start by telling you a little about who we are.

My name is Dan Courtney, and I am the Pastor here at Crossroads Community Church.  We are a group of people that have decided to follow Jesus.  We have decided to live that out through Faith, Family & Fun.


Those at CCC quickly learn that we are serious about our FAITH, even though we are all at different places:  Some are really wrestling with questions about God, or who Jesus is; some are in the beginning stages of discovering the love and forgiveness of Jesus; some have been following Jesus a short time…and some for many years.  No matter your place…you will find CCC to be a refreshing place to deal with even your toughest questions about God.


We also view each other as a part of a bigger FAMILY.  We love to help each other, encourage each other, learn together and take on big challenges together.  Not everyone has grown up in a great family, so the family of God becomes very important.


And our final way that we live out following Jesus is through FUN.  We are a Church that thrives on fun.  We are constantly having banquets, trips, parties, get togethers, etc…because we believe that Church should never be boring!  CCC has become a place where we love to bring friends, because we just don’t want to keep all that fun to ourselves!

Don’t get me wrong, we all have problems, we all have questions, we all have doubts, we all have fears and we all have pain.  But here at CCC we live in the hope that God is able to help us deal with life’s troubles…either by helping us solve them, by providing a miracle, or by Him walking with us through them.

We are all on a journey called LIFE.  It’s important to have good people to take this journey with.  Come and visit CCC…it may make all the difference in YOUR life.